Projects completed

For many years, we have participated in many significant projects. We have fabricated production halls, repaired blast furnaces, process, heat distribution systems, and executed many other projects, too.


List of projects completed

Lately, our Company has participated in the following projects:

• Fabrication and erection of a pipeline trestle bridge structure on the slag dump settling pond in the Jaworzno III Power Station– approx. 80 ton
• Fabrication and erection of pipelines and structures, grade. 1H18N9T - around. 100 tons, in the Sewage Treatment Plant in Raciborz
• fabrication of a hall for Optopol in Zawiercie, tonnage: 120 ton
• repairs on Blast Furnaces and Rolling Mill in the Mittal Steel Works
• fabrication of a gas and oil-fired boiler house and Rolling Mill in CMC Zawiercie S.A.
• fabrication of the desulfurization plant in the municipal Heat Generating Plant in Zawiercie
• fabrication of a gas and oil-fired boiler house and compressor house in CMC Zawiercie S.A.
• repairs of the Rolling Mill and Steel Works in CMC Zawiercie and ISD Huta Częstochowa (Czestochowa Steel Plant)
• upgrading of the dedusting plant in the Electric Steel Works in CMC Zawiercie S.A.
• adaptation works on the central industrial water pumping station with a supply pipeline in CMC Poland Sp. z o.o.
• fabrication of spares warehouse in CMC Poland Sp. z o.o.
• fitter's services during the relocation of the pellet factory in IKEA Industry Stalowa Wola
• dismantling works in the Voitsberg Power Plant - Austria
• erection works on a paper making machine in Kreuzau - Germany
• dismantling works relate do the relocation of a steam engine from Bytom to Wieliczka
• execution of an electric furnace no 2 in CMC Poland Sp. z o.o.
• execution of a steel transfer car, scrap transfer car and scraphopper in CMC Poland Sp. z o.o.
• a comprehensive upgrading project of COS-I in CMC Poland Sp . z o.o.

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